do you remember the days of yore?
the days when our fun consisted of connect four,
where our imaginations ran rampant as the rain outside would pour
and the sky would incessantly roar
telling our innovative perceptions to come..explore..
but these days have changed us from before,
we are constantly looking for more-
in life, in our technology,
in love, in our theology,
in our future and out of our chronology-
not realizing the truth we all choose to ignore
which is that we were perfect just as we were before.
back when we didn’t know could have more.

she burned too bright for this world.
wuthering heights

i feel numb
when thinking there are things even i cannot succumb,
because no matter how strong i am
i am as docile as a lamb…

lamb, lamb, lamb that i am, i am a lamb in wolf’s clothing
but if you look close enough you’ll see the seams are unraveling
and soon, my true nature will be exposed,
all i wanted was to keep myself from being disclosed,
i don’t want to become the prey
amongst the hungry who’ve been awaiting this day,
i’ve seen the true desires of these lascivious men
and learned that their hunger knows no end,
i saw in their eyes the evilest of intentions
for a girl like me who has her own pretensions,
i’ve seen it many times before,
how they use their illusive allure
to convince their innocent little sacrifice
to disregard her vices
so they can devour
their prey at her sweetest hour… 


The intense emotions you could never describe